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Put Some South In Yo' Mouth!
Fried Pickles
Southern Favorite
Chicken Sandwiches
Savannah Chicken
Great Drinks
Screamin' Mai Tai
And of Course - Crab!
We know crab

Dixie GrillDixie Grill features food & drink of the barbeque belt and coastal regions of the southeastern United States. “We’re always smokin’ something” from brisket to turkey, along with southern favorites like fried pickles, okra, mac n cheese, collard greens. Seafood? We got CRAB. Lotsa crab! Key Lime Pie & Peach Crumble for dessert. HUGE selection of whiskey & tequila, cold draft beer, and our signature SCREAMIN’ MAI TAI.

Customer "Testimonials"

"Yeeeeee-haw! This place was excellent. The music was great, the food was great, the drinks were yummy..."
Ninarae N. - Honolulu

"I am always amazed at how well they are handle groups of over 15 people. I know it can be tough making everyone happy and getting food orders correct - but being able to do that with a huge group of us like 15 to 20 people just makes the experience so much better."
Dari O. - Honolulu

"Good appys & drinks, free popcorn. We ordered the salty chihuahua and a lava flow then fried mac n cheese balls & the fried pickle spears. We've been on the search for good fried pickles on the island and finally found them!"
J.P. - Aiea

"Dixie Grill is my little bit of home in the middle of the Pacific. I absolutely love a good southern dish from Dixie."
Brad - Charlotte, N.C.

"I have had food from here fairly often, so this is not a one shot review. This review is based over a decent span of time, and over that span of time Dixie Grill has proven to me to be a model of how restaurants should be"
Kai Y. - Aiea